So, you managed to sell your service sufficiently that you have secured a deal for one of the most powerful marketing strategies, that is working NOW, (i.e. JV and cross promotion partners) is secured.

You may have even invested the time and research (CRUCIAL) in making sure that your new shiny promotion partner has the right people on their list that will be interested in your services/product (big tick if this is part of your enrollment system)

Time to celebrate..right? NO NO NO wrong!!

You have done the easy bit but this is where the hard work should start.

Too often, we sit on our smug laurels and think that the job is done and the leads will start to flood in.

What we should be doing is getting in there..hands very dirty and working closely with your new lead gen buddy to make sure that your message, your offer, your difference gets out there for maximum impact.

The reality is you are the expert in your product and services. You are likely to know what works and what doesn’t for your potential clients, those “hot buttons” that will compel action.

Why then would you then be surprised that the leave your alone approach where they may send out a bland email yields little for the partnership, for you or for them?

AND of course how de-motivating will it be for them sending anything else out going forward if the “bland email approach” has produced no or little result.

Get involved, create something compelling, consistently and frequently, knowing that your partners are now as much a crucial part of your business as anything you send out directly from yourselves to your client base.

It doesn’t have to be hugely expensive or sophisticated, just something that is more likely to create marketing impact with your partners clients.

Have a look at this link for an example (which will explain the header image) by clicking here.. a simple one page site with a video. how much more impactful would this be with the appropriate supporting email series then a “yes these guys are great” email that is likely to be the result if you don’t get involved.

The investment in this was a little or of course you could continue with the status quo and still invest a chunk of time with no or a poor result.

This of course is just one example of many approaches you can use to achieve this aim. Case studies are powerful, structured and sequenced email series rather than a one-off, ‘explainer’ videos even some snappy titled images can help.

Think about the opportunity of even one new approach per month. This will:

a. help you identify what works and what doesn’t

b. Is likely to yield exponential returns compared to that which many are doing now

Your mission if you want to make a difference…

AND most importantly follow through and plan your next 3 months marketing FOR your partner with the what, how and when.

Mike Smith