The majority of businesses are always looking for that something that they can give away to customers that says “here is a gift buy from us again” (or even to leads that says “buy from us for the first time”).

There are several things that can be considered that go to make up the ideal “gift” but the essence of a successful giveaway is ‘keepabilty’.

There are FOUR key factors that increase the likelihood of your gift being kept and achieving its marketing aim of being that consistent reminder of your businesses and as the added bonus, and even, in some cases, be shared as a “pretty cool thing” with others they know.

Valuable – Your customers must see that what you have given them is of value and make things better, safer or easier. In the case of the RFID sleeve the value is quite simply the protection that it gives your clients in shielding from potential money or identity theives.

Durability – You want your giveaway to last to have maximum marketing impact, and our sleeves are quality products that are well made, and last, despite repeated use.

Repeat exposure – The reality is that EVERY time your customer goes to pay for something with a credit/debit card they will see your brand on the sleeve and be reminded of what you do. Think about how many times you “paypass” on a daily basis!

Curiousity – The sleeve, when seen, will be a conversation starter. Protection of cards from RFID theft is still relatively unknown. Other people will be curious and will ask. The fact they see YOUR brand on the sleeve offers an opportunity for indirect promotion.

We have two businesses we have done work with that offer the ideal ‘Keepability’ giveaway that means your clients/customers/leads will have that YOU reminder a few times a day. If you want to learn more drop me a line at


Mike Smith

Marketing Consultant OMIQ