Strap yourselves in, ladies and gentleman of the business world, OK so this is a tell it how it is, no BS, reality-checking beast of a story designed to challenge, confront and hopefully result in some profit-changing action with your marketing (WARNING: perhaps turn YOUR sensitivity meter down a little before reading on).

Hows your marketing looking…..?

You got a website…Yep!

You got a Facebook page… Yep!

You got a LinkedIn profile… Yep!

And perhaps an instagram account too…yep, even if it hasnt got anything of any value or you are not really sure what it is for

So you are now proud of yourself, like some modern day, online ninja, boy scout with the badges down your sleeve and now they WILL come flocking wont they??

Then you wait…

While you are waiting, you may even “backslap” a mate or two from the same company on social media, or paste the latest piece of news that isn’t really the latest piece of news (and everyone knows about anyway as it is on the TV or radio – e.g. finance brokers posting the latest RBA decision, hours after it has been announced) or even share a post that sends traffic to someone else’s site rather than your own.

“I know let’s put a pop-up on the site” but the fact that it not really offering anything of perceived value, irritates the bejesus out of any visitors who happen to find your site doesn’t really add anything of value to your readers or your business.

YES! Giving value out MAY equal profit in..but of course the reverse is the case too.

Then you wait even longer…

You may even have some visitors to your site but you don’t really know how many (because you don’t invest the time to find this out or put something in place to simply measure it)…and of course JUST visitors they contnue to be rather than becoming leads, because there is nothing to keep them there apart from a bland, hopeful contact form (and perhaps even a pop up with yet another invite to connect).

Let’s dash back onto LinkedIn again and ‘like’ some more posts from colleagues or mates as that will surely make a difference and why not type in the URL of your site AGAIN, even add a comment with another NON-point of difference, because that always has ’em banging down the door…Seriously??!

So, you haven’t got anywhere or any way to capture anyone who isn’t ready to act right NOW….so you lose any opportunity you have of capturing them to nurture until they are ready.

Meanwhile of course, they DO get on other people lists, they DO get nurtured by your competitors and DO buy from them.

It may well be that location, location, location is important, but the reality is that the location in this case may well be other businesses in your business space.

Then you wait even longer…

In desperation, you scramble to post even more of other people’s stuff…(hint: they are STILL very grateful for the link back to their site not yours).

Meanwhile the tumbleweeds blow over the pages of your site as you get few new visitors, and those that do, subsequently leave and continue to join other people lists who have something of value to offer in exchange for their information.

You also start lobbing cash at Facebook advertising or pay per click with no real strategy, no real targeting and of course because you haven’t got the ability to capture leads anyway, if your costly ‘scattergun’ approach does manage to get the odd person back to your site, then it is simply money down the drain a sthey scratch there heads wondering “WTF do I do now i am here”.

“Hey I know let’s open an Instagram account because of course that’s the newer kid on the block and is bound to create some more business” even with the flawed systems we have in place. Bottom line is that it doesn’t.

Profits dropping, and with desperation rearing its ugly you batter your now “cold list” (many of whom have got so cold they have found warmer businesses to align with), with invitation to buy or take up an appointment. ZERO response of note.

Out comes the sledgehammer and because they did do something with you in the past there is the arrogance that they MUST work with you again and maybe it’ll work now if you hit ‘em, hard and often enough. Errrrrmm..News flash…It doesn’t!

The final chapter..

If you are still in business after the LinkedIn backslapping, sledgehammering, Facebook musings about things that your target audience don’t really care about, the hole in your pocket (that has lined the pockets of the social media companies), the time invested that simply sends visitors to other people’s sites, eventually causes sufficient pain to actually put in place a system that works, the online infrastructure to support it, and maybe ..just maybe start to see (and yes it takes more than 5 minutes or one day of action) a real return on investment.

Or you could continue to short cut, perhaps just bury your head in the sand turning from that online boy scout with badges we described before, to online ostrich.

OF course if you want to make yourself feel a little better, you CAN blame someone else, or the economic “slow down”, and hope it will be all ok tomorrow and wait some more.

Harsh??? Perhaps a little, but if you have got this far, you are to be applauded in actually reading something to its end. It may even just create even the smallest spark that may mean you do something.

And one last thing…

So whats the story with the goldfish in the image? Pointless, which incidently is exactly what reading this article is unless you take some action on it and stop waiting.

You make the call if any of the above resonates and take the action if you need someone to help support you in doing the right things OR even somone to do them for you.

Mike Smith

Lead Marketing Consultant

Online Marketing IQ want to know why we know this is what happens, because I and almost everyone I know in this industry who has been successful, has had times when “waiting” has not worked. The only shame you should feel is if you read this and be in the same place this time next month.