Have you ever had an amazing buying experience from any service yourself? One that not only left you feeling satisfied, but one where you had an internal reaction, perhaps where you were incapable of wiping the smile off your face or felt an emotional “warmth”. Or one where you left with absolute confidence whoever you bought from, thinking “wow that’s cool, they know exactly what they’re doing to meet my needs, I’ll definitely come back.”

That’s what a successful retention strategy in your business is all about. Creating a moment, an interaction, an experience, not just products and services, for each and every client or consumer which give them a true experience of pleasure. One of those “fist-pump”, YES! Feelings that simply makes their day better.

Wherever you go, or whatever website you look at, you will see promises of “great service”, “client focus” etc etc but more often than not these are simply words rather than REAL actions, that make a difference. Your clients or customers are not stupid, they know and EXPECT that these are often just empty


It is not easy of course, but is a crucial part of what you offer, it is the absolute NUMBER ONE reason why your valuable clients WILL stay with you rather than become a “business butterfly”. If you are in any doubt how important this is to you consider:

  1. How difficult (and often expensive in terms of effort and money) to get new clients
  2. Consider not just the revenue form one client visit but the revenue from seeing that same person buying multiple services and products over a long period of time.


Clear…great!! Now of course here is the challenge! What creates that experience. How can you turn just another haircut, body product sale or massage into to something that means that you have that valuable client locked in, completely loyal AND is prepared to shout your name from the rooftops.


The process is really quite easy, you just need to:

  1. Recognise how important this is to your business
  2. Look at each part of your service and product offering individually
  3. Be honest and make a judgement about how each sale, no matter how big or small the purchase is, makes you customer feel.
  4. Find some way to add more “emotional value” to take it to the next level.


Before you start the work you MUST do..let us give a couple of easy examples.


  1. You sell a bottle of XYX product, what if you said to your client of purchase, “We want you to get the most from this so you get the maximum benefit, let me explain how to do it and here are some written instructions to take away”. What does this REALLY say to the client?…”yes you are important to us” and feels great.
  2. What if at the end of providing a service, you handed them something relevant and of value to them for free. Would that create the WOW?
  3. How about when offering a head and shoulder massage, as you were finishing, you offered a free 10 minutes extra to make them feel extra special


Your mission, to write down each product or service you offer right now, whatever your business, and write beside each one what you could do or give that would leave each client feeling the next level of great as they left you.


If you are REALLY serious about what we are discussing, you could even do some measurement to see the IMPACT of your move to WOW. Look at your retention rate now, how often your existing clients buy from you again (or refer others to buy from you – HINT: if you are not measuring this you should be!), then measure again 3 months after creating your new customer experiences.


As with all of the strategies you read you will be in one of 3 places:

  1. You want to DIY
  2. You would like some help to make it happen
  3. You would like someone to do it for you


Drop me a line if you are a “b” or “c” at mike@onlinemarketingiq.com.au and accelerate your client WOW!


So, your challenge, create the experiences one product or service at a time, your business bank balance will love you!!


OR you could choose to do nothing and delight your competitors!


Mike Smith

Marketing Strategist and “Make it happen soon “ guy

Online Marketing IQ