Let’s smash a few myths, tell some home truths and get you thinking about what a difference this could make to your business.

There are two types of people who connect with your business.

a. Those who are existing clients. Your business aim is to nurture/communicate with them so they want to buy more product, health more therapies and book more appointments)

b. Those who are checking you out but are not yet clients. They may look at your website – and YES! you should have one!!; or see you around social media (and may even like you).

However despite being liked, shared, followed these people are NOT yet LEADS.

A lead is someone who has given you their information AND who you can communicate independently (i.e outside of social media via direct call or email). the reason this is important is that many of you will know that just because you post only a fraction of your “people” will see the post.

A “LIST” which refer to in the title, is simply all the people who meet the definition of a lead.

BUT leads do come from visitors (usually from a website) so your aim of your social media is really to create the relationships and trust in you to come and visit your website THEN give you their information which means they are now on your LIST.

The bigger the LIST (providing you target your activities well), the more people you can communicate with at the same time.

So how do you get visitors to jump on board..first your existing clients (time to dump the spreadsheet or paper version and put them somewhere (your list on some software) that you can communicate easily. Every walk-in should go on your list…why? so they walk in again!

What about new guys..well it is simple… you give them a reward for joining your list (e.g. an ebook, a video series) placed on a specific page (“optin page”) on your website that you direct people to (or even better get others to direct them to)

So, having worked with many businesses like yours what are the issues we see often:

  1. No records kept in the format needed to optimise nurturing either to buy or buy again i.e not the right infrastructure (an excel spreadsheet, doesn’t cut it)
  2. No system or plan to nurture the list
  3. No content to encourage readiness to buy
  4. No compelling reason (magnet) for people to volunteer to get on your list (or for you to add them).
  5. No easy way/direction for visitors to get to your magnet
  6. Lack of structure to get visitors
  7. Not part of your system to add ALL customers.

Any of these sound familiar.

So you need..

  1. Software that hold you list
  2. Lead magnet e,g, your ebook
  3. Optin in form on a website page
  4. Systematic plan and content for delivery (emgm to social media from blog)
  5. System for adding “walk-ins”
  6. use the 5 key ways to get people to engage (more later!)


So you have a choice get with “the list” or watch your competitors grab all of the cream. Time poor or would just like a little help to get what you need in place, then of course we can help you.


Mike Smith

Lead Consultant Online Business IQ