You can have the best product in the world, identified your niche, have design gurus mull over the pages of your site, even put some long term SEO investment in place, but unless you can provide compelling reasons why your potential audience should listen to your message then they wont..simple!

There is no more important place where this should be, than at the hub of your business, i.e. on your website.

These compelling reasons are NOT about how good you are, even if you are the business equivalent of a superhero (so you can put away the cape and stop wearing your underpants on the outside). Nor is it about what you have done and the vast range of pages and pages of products or services you have (this is the usual start point on most sites).

GET REAL! If you start banging on incessantly, page after page of copy and images about how wonderful you are, you will turn off your prospects quicker than tuning to a different radio channel.

People by nature will always want to know the answer to the question “What’s in it for me? (WIIFM), and yet we get caught up when creating or amending a website back to the “Of course, you should use us, just look at how great we are” trap.

Everything you say, write, record, image you use to reinforce the message, and yes, the content you send out into social media, for their consumption should express this in no uncertain terms. What people fall into one of these seven gold nuggets (in no particular order):

  • Problems solved
  • Answers given
  • Choices
  • More time
  • Less effort
  • Higher quality
  • And, of course, $$ they will make

So, if you have driven some traffic to your site, if what you are putting in front of them does not meet any of the above you will be playing your business guitar to an empty venue!


Think about this…

Which is more likely to get YOU to take action on someone else’s product or service:

  1. A list of products and explanation of how good they and the business products/services are OR
  2. A description of what challenges you CAN solve, or how things can better for you and THEN (and only then) how their product and service can meet the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.


The three absolute rules of the game to help you on your way:

Be REAL – Outrageous claims are not good and can come across as tacky and destroy your credibility when your dubious claims are uncovered, destroying not only the prospect of that individual working with you but also anyone they know.

The more evidence you can provide in terms of ACTUAL results the better. Social proof helps (e.g. testimonials – case studies are best) but only when that is backed up by hard facts of a difference made. A video of someone you have worked with saying what a nice guy you are and how they enjoyed your product will not cut it!


Be EXPLICIT – Know the pain, the problems of your niche and what it is that this provides that will help. This means you have got to take action to find out. Get to know those that you have identified in this previous session (I did warn you! – go back and do it if you haven’t)..hunt them out and ask questions not simply make assumptions. If you are NOT your niche how you can be possibly qualified to make judgements on what they need. There is a fair chance you will be very, very wrong! So do the work simple!


Be FOCUSED – every sentence ..or even syllable should be relevant to what it is that will this contribute to your prospects WIIFM…if it isn’t dump it! There is a term called ‘tombstone advertising’ where you put up front and central your name…when you ARE a BIG rockstar in your market this might work for your groupies and raving fans  who know you intimately already, but for anyone else it is irrelevant..completely!!

Before we move onto the ACTIONS you have the choice to take as a result of reading this..We do cover this in more detail in the free ebook you can downoad..Click on the image below to get more info…

more leads


Now onto today’s missions to start to put in place what you need to.

  • Have a look at your website you start with products/services/how wonderful you are OR start with your visitor and WIIFM?
  • Go hunt out at least 3 people from your identified target niche. If your aim is to drive customers to your existing business with your product then ask them what are the 3 things do they want from a business like yours. Get them up on your site..front and centre!
  • Write SIX reasons why your product/business meets need. Once you have your list then check each for the WIIFM value and amend. Use these for your next 6 blog posts and/or individual webpages

Your choice of course – empty list or full list of prospects who are just clammering to have their needs met ?


Mike Smith